33 Styles for html frames

by Benchmark

37 Visial Studio

by vcsdvdsvsd

38 To SELECT a host

by Areostar

40 Web the client

by Koba

42 Pattern the bridge

by NET

44 Rounding off in the Python: function round ():

by mini weblab ( Pages 1 2 )

46 The regular expressions

by Michael the super progra

51 Exchange rates (forex)

by Areostar

53 Video with Youtube

by Areostar

54 Function and return values, JS

by esacshelfim

55 How to normalize a scale?

by Antonariy

57 Content scrolling

by Areostar

58 1000 requests in a second.

by Alexey Agafonov

59 Import to a DB

by Badhabit