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Bought the Chinese camera IPS-EYE01W with linux onboard:

 Linux (none) 2.6.14-hi3511v100dmeb-release #7 Wed Jul 27 2:26:35 PM CST 2011 armv5tejl GNU/Linux 

And so, I can be connected to it only on telnet (root/password). Whether It is possible to install SSH the north in linux or it becomes only in an insertion?
Here the information on the mounted sections

 # df-h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use % Mounted on
/dev/root 6.6M 6.2M 428.0K 94 % /
/dev/mtdblock5 7.9M 7.8M 72.0K 99 %/home
tmpfs 32.0M 2.4M 29.6M 8 %/tmp
tmpfs 512.0K 16.0K 496.0K 3 %/home/mmap_tmpfs
tmpfs 32.0M 720.0K 31.3M 2 %/home/tmpfs
tmpfs 32.0M 48.0K 32.0M 0 %/home/jrview
/dev/hd1 7.4G 7.2G 242.5M 97 %/home/hd1
/dev/hd1 7.4G 7.2G 242.5M 97 %/home/web/sd

in general all problem in that that, Chineses made a hole in an insertion, and do not want to correct.
If I enter into the camera on the interface with authorization on login opens and I correct. But the camera still supports CGI-scripts for control. If I enter or that opens control of the camera and all contents SD of a card accordingly without any authorization.
It is necessary to include somehow authorization on 80 port in the camera.
The last insertion http://www.mediafire.com/?k87cb521h04huw7


Re: IP camera IPS-EYE01W on

To close the camera for access from Internet. On a router to lift the PPTP-server and being out of door to walk on the camera through VPN. In this case it will be informidable that the camera works in a mode "come who you want, take that you want" as to get on it it is possible only being in a local network.