Topic: Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 also clicks at switching-on

All greetings. Today at the next switching-on, became  and to click a disk. It stood minor, was used for the data. I will tell not much more in detail, the disk certainly not to tell that worked ideally, but worked. Was not much noisy, I by means of MHDD lowered not so long ago AAM on 128, changes truth did not feel, noisy it was not in that plan that rustled permanently, and periodically at usage published a sound (scraped). Today brought the broken system unit, did not turn on and did not react generally. I risking delivered there the  and the unit turned on, then rearranged  to reversely itself and here a disk and the beginnings  and to click and ceased will be defined. Tried to connect to the different cables, one and too. I as understood a disk any more , but there there is necessary data. If who knows or met it help. It would be desirable to try to return the data with HDD.