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. That I have this that in a broad gull in reply to use Win32:: ODBC
"... Can't locate Win32/ODBC.pm in @INC (@INC contains:.) at..."
We look Perl-V @INC
Localy applied patches:
ActivePerl Build 626...
Here in these directories  packets are (they were put by default)
That that I am visible I miss. For a long time any more did not adjust the Pearl I will understand that...
To suggest to deliver the new version all is not necessary too most
To offer  more frequent unit too not   POSIX swears
... Similar I that  miss that.
Esteemed to dock...   .
it is grateful for council. And that time draws in. It would not be desirable to stand long on it....
: Costs w2K + IIS6
Nekiie councils have been stated http://www.xpoint.ru/cgi-bin/forum.cgi? … read&a mp; id=20480 but does not help to explain business???


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And did not try to reinstall, whether it is not enough sad


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Yes  sad
Here discussion on [url = http://www.xpoint.ru/cgi-bin/forum.cgi? … p;id=20480 ] Hpojnte [/url]


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Here such business..... Reinstalled but on system and besides  partition....
Earned.... Though at check by a pearl of a variable @INC produced all too most
Here such there are troubles... smile


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It is a little not in a subject there is a question, on it @INC as it was already written above by default contains \Perl\lib \Perl\site\lib (though at me it \bin\lib \bin\site\lib, well it is not important) and how to interpose other values and, the most important thing, a current directory that the unit was started up from a directory with a script.
There is an above-stated pearl, the apache 2...


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At me too about  complains. What to do?


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And how you cause ODBC?
It is necessary so - user win32:: ODBC;)


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xtrasns , the message 2003 , not seems to you that already solved a problem?


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Someone can still it could not solve. I was tormented day.
I do not understand, what for to do both DBD:: ODBC and win32:: ODBC is only creates confusion, so a question actual.


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Concerning an urgency it still a question, update a pearl and update the unit. Since 2003 already it is a lot of "water flowed away". Look attentively at subjects on Win32:: ODBC anybody does not have such problems more.

use warnings;
use strict;
use Win32:: ODBC;
print "ok\n";
require Win32:: ODBC;
print "ok\n";

c: \> test.pl
c: \>