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Actually a subject. I search for success history how to cross a hedgehog with . I want to involve the channel for faster intermediate  on nfs to a full-sphere. All-powerful Google says that since a bucket 2.6.21 all cut . Though on AIX it is implemented in one kick.
: Debian, QLogic Corp. QLA2312.


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Why not Scientific Linux/WhiteBox/CentOS?
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And still: at me  has a kernel 2.6.26


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Debian there already costs and stood to me. I so understood that almost from world creation, worrying some upgrades, therefore idea to replace it on Cent to me in a head did not come, and after all the kernel 2.6.18 can rescue the father of Russian democracy.
Thanks, but nevertheless concerning IP over FC on fresh kernels would be even better than thought.


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