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Now full online toys of type WOW, L2, Silkroad
In all as in one for magnification of power of the Persian it is necessary stupid , 
It  () any mentally normal person. Therefore clever people guaranteed this   and here the epoch of BOTS came... In any toy half , and other half  smile))
Only here an ill luck,  start to do bots paid... Demand huge, and is not present a competition
I about Silkroud (www.silkroadonline.net) tell it, a here a bot (www.bot258.com)....
I am able to program on Si ++ and the same same languages, as the fan
But here   how to write the bot, what for this purpose is necessary?
How to send commands to the game client, not to click   and to write a script:
goto (x coord, y coord)
atack (monsterX)
People a help! To itself Api the interceptor, MicrosoftNetFramework here downloaded
Who that  write in essence, . Who can knows good resources in not those on a subject of creation of bots (not articles about AI)


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The doctor we lose it.....


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Suchimata, 4/21/2006, 12:32, post709363 wrote:

the Doctor we lose it.....

Yes there will be an earth to it down:sarcasm


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!!!!!!!! Helped  smile


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. !!!!!
Suchimata , on vingred-e there is a forum: Raznyne questions so this subject is better there