Re: Design

Hello, dimgel, you wrote: D> Hello, andyag, you wrote: A>>>> Can what draw a picture or a song to issue? D>>> draw the list that of a forum that was either without the table, or with the table, but without an interlaced background, thus legibly, information, with a space effective utilization, and generally it is better, than now; and all aforesaid - on different resolutions. A>> and re-read for what I offered an illustration. D> you offered nothing. You rolled out the claim about  the list, but a hint on "it was not better how to make" in it. Here I also speak to you: draw better, time was caused. Here, look: yours: Give, speak in clear:" Tables are not necessary ", and we laugh. Mine: to you the difference between" tables is not clear tables are not necessary also"are necessary less often, than it seems"? Can what draw a picture or a song to issue? When you specify where exactly here the phrase "hid is ready to make redesign RSDN", I will pour a head ashes and I will leave in a monastery. For now I suggest to finish this arguing: I see your aggression and almost explicit "cease to talk profusely here" (the reader is offered to substitute independently more rough analog of a statement), and such message does not correspond to forum philosophy - you, judging by statistics in your profile, value that yours is much more sociable me, and that my content equally aspires to zero