Topic: Problem of usage COM of library from under applications of type EXCEL

All greetings! There is an accounting system from which it is necessary to import the data in OLAP cubic For this purpose the library is delivered COM. The elementary.NET (C#) the console application is remarkable with this library works - the object forms, the method.Connect ("user", "password") fulfills. Then it wanted to make elegantly and to create adjusted DataSourceAdapter for SSIS (Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services). And here began... At first, COM the library 32 bit (x86) and in x64 operation mode SSIS is not loaded - with these understood, forced SSIS Runtime to run in 32 a bit mode - the object forms. But further deafly! That attempts to use this custom DataSourceAdapter that direct  this library in Script Task (allows to write compiled C# macroes) leads to that the object forms, but connection of dataful accounting system cannot create - at the moment of a call.Connect Connect ("user", "password") takes off PopUp a window with error number-1 - very informatively! The same code, 1 in 1, in the console application correctly fulfills. Here that there can be not that?