Topic: Programs of compilation of circuits (question)

The question on functionality interests, that is you met her in any program or not. 1. Application of Applikatsija (an armor. applicatio - applying, association) - a method of obtaining of the image; Application - a cutting and gluing () figures, patterns or the whole patterns from slices of a paper, a fabric, a skin, vegetative and other materials on a material-basis (background). As a rule, as a material-basis the cardboard, the dense paper, a tree serve. Application is connected to informative activity and huge influence renders on development of mental and creative abilities of children. Application from a fabric is a variety of an embroidery. The general essence, for example, at us is books (pictures, drawings and other), one in a format djvu, and another in pdf, that is they electronic in the form of a file. There should be a possibility of the free selection of a certain area and the subsequent display on the general circuit. Thus display of pieces of application  from the source file, that is through communication, instead of counterpart creation. Optional conditions: 1. Storage of circuits in a database, instead of in separate untied files 2. Usage for the identification of a file not only url, but also urn from a name space of cryptographic algorithms of the hashes-sums. (For example, Size, CRC32, Adler32, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, Tiger, Whirlpool, RIPEMD160, RIPEMD320, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD256 and so on) 2. The text layer In the text file (*.txt), the program code (*.hpp, *.cpp), in the electronic book (*.fb2, *.djvu, *.pdf), or always is, or there can be a text layer. Even in the image there can be a text layer, beginning from EXIF that directly hints, and banal recognition as a non-standard example of extraction of the unstable information. We will consider first of all the plane text. The general essence same as at application, only instead of a closed circuit and other parameters of a specific format the delimiter appear position from the beginning of a file and an amount of characters in the text, that is normal operation with lines. For what it is necessary it spoke here here again, though basically already and not important, as the concept . Whether As a matter of fact in the text important to eat intersections, or not with other pieces, only given specific cutting is important. Naturally completely communication, a text layer of an element on the circuit only communication with the source file on chtenie/zapis, and no more that is saved. Whether remaining While interests there was to somebody at least here such primitive functionality in any program. Separately or all together is not so important.