Topic: Stages of life of the beginner-programmer in a new command

Same "rake" I note at the programmers-beginners taking in a new command. Such  are advanced enough to know patterns, SOLID and other buzz-words, and something already tried, but yet  experience and long-time refactoring, as and another's code. Practically, a tracing-paper from 5 stages of acceptance of a problem the person. 1) negation. See many imperfections in a software and point a finger at them. Use phrases: so it is correct, it best practice, the pure code and so forth 2) Anger. Without seeing the fast decision, take offense and begins , swayings, debate, disputes and so forth 3) the Auction. 4) depression. These phases transit quickly and, somehow, in the person. Understands what to rewrite it is possible that it is impossible and why. Grieves, loses or acquires motivation to be engaged in the project. 5) acceptance. Realizes, it is possible what to rewrite very little and only within the limits of the business task, instead of as the selected operation on system refactoring. At whom as put .