Topic: Mono ASP.NET MVC 3 example

Hello! I start to understand with ASP.NET MVC 3 in Mono. Created by means of the master in VS2010 ASP.MVC 3 project and tried to transfer it on last MonoDevelop from  Debian 8.3. It was necessary to throw a row of libraries from.NET in Mono, and all was launched. Only in Mono it is used sqlite a DB. A problem: it is impossible to replace a DB on PostgreSQL. Such sensation that connectionStrings is simply ignored: regardless of the fact that connection there is written carried out to a DB sqlite (file ASPNETDB in directory App_Data) <connectionStrings> <add name = "ApplicationServices" connectionString = "data source =.\SQLEXPRESS; Integrated Security=SSPI; AttachDBFilename = | DataDirectory|aspnetdb.mdf; User Instance=true" providerName = "System. Data. SqlClient"/> </connectionStrings>