Topic: Whether there is an example microsoft bot how to send the message in

It is necessary to send the message in  to any user. I cannot... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3658 … ot-a-known public class MessagesController: ApiController {///<summary>///POST: api/Messages///Receive a message from a user and reply to it///</summary> public async Task <Message> Post ([FromBody] Message message) {var connector = new ConnectorClient ("zapros", "c73493d3775449acbe0c92396ce71afa"); message. To = new ChannelAccount ("Skype", "zapros", "8:dsalodki", "zapros", true); connector. Messages. SendMessage (message); not clearly how to add skype the user in conversation. I use bot framework emulator (local ) that for  in the emulator? How to specify that it  an account. I can something not so I understand in microsof bot?