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Rules we Present that earth dwellers registered a series of signals from a certain source outside of Solar system. Signals proceed from a star which are on distance about 50 luminous years from the Earth and represent long and short electromagnetic waves in very narrow range, with frequency about 452.12919 megahertz. Algorithms SETI found out  the nature of signals. Obviously that by means of signals a certain message in the binary code is transferred. Now present that you assigned responsible for decryption of this message. If you correctly decrypted the message, you can answer following questions: 1. What growth our space interlocutors? 2. What duration of their life? 3. What physical scales of technics which they use for message sending? 4. How for a long time they communicate with far stars? 5. What nature of places of their dwelling? 6. How many years to their star system? Rules: 1. You can cooperate with everybody 2. Open arguing (in social networks and on other platforms) is in every possible way encouraged 3. You can address to us and receive 3 helps 4. Send your candidate solutions on my electronic address heller@mps.mpg.de, in twitter (@DrReneHeller) or in facebook (DrReneHeller). Answers in all formats which the person can read are accepted. 5. The list coped with the task (in the chronological order) will be published on June, 3rd, 2016 Update 6 May 2016: the Author  mail, be not surprised that he does not answer. However the right answers still are accepted. Update 7 May 2016 E-mails traffic still reads off scale. From this point on helps are not delivered, only answers to the correct or very creative answers. Here three helps mentioned in rules: 1. Number of bits 1902341. This product of three simple 7, 359, and 757. 2. The message this black-and-white image. 3. The image contains 7 pictures or pages. As self-examination, you can recover duration of flight (50 years) from page 4.


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Hello, Miroff, you wrote: M> Rules it is very similar on "Drake's picture", namely on the message which sent from the Earth in I will shift a star congestion "Messe-13" - there similar convergence is encoded. See, for example, here: http://distant.msu.ru/pluginfile.php/33 … %B9%3F.pdf (p. of 176 books or 90 pdf'). P.S. In the far childhood we start simply singing read this book though understood not all.


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