Topic: The engineer-testirovshchik, Kazan or Krasnodar is required

Open Company Bizaps works with the foreign companies and helps to develop  services. They so big that one wrong move can lead to a stop of operation of all European part of sales, and it is X users (excuse, NDA!).
To us it is necessary  which will work with the most loaded applications and to be responsible for release in . For this purpose it will check a functional, to run a regression, to prepare test data sets in a DB and to accompany releases each two weeks. At us a lot of the functional testing, but is not enough automation. For the aid to new  we give all accessible resources of the company.
We search for the proactive person at whom it is not necessary to stand up for a back. We  know as the system and where reefs are hidden works. They can distinguish a bug from incorrect usage and to these help business.
Our ideal candidate already has experience, can research unfamiliar system and knows from what side to it to approach. It does not make the same errors of more than two times and is capable to systematize new knowledge. Is on friendly terms with design team and analysts, is able  with colleagues in Russian and English languages.
Send your abstract and the description of projects and your role in them. We is mandatory consider with you all questions and we test you for durability.
In exchange for your experience we offer improbable , possibility to work in any of offices of our company (3 countries), and is finite money!
Now, the formal requirements:
Experience, experience, experience! It is desirable in area e-commerce, but it is exact in area web applications (than differs POST request from PUT?)
Excellent knowledge of the theory of testing (Savin it is not enough!)
To be able to make the test documentation
To be able to write SQL requests and the nobility, than differs CROSS JOIN from FULL JOIN
To be able to write distinctly in English and to form thoughts in Russian (you intermediate costs nothing if you do not manage to tell a joke in English)
Send the abstract on hr@biz-apps.ru