Topic: Priorities and the order in layout at implementation layout flow

Somehow anywhere did not find the normal description of implementation layout flow. Here Understanding the QWidget layout flow like attempt would become, but all the same is somehow chaotic. Besides, it is not absolutely clear, as in a case, when there is no any  for minimum and maximum sizes calculation works. Here, for example, if in  the main thing  there are two child, one of which with QSizePolicy:: Expanding, and another QSizePolicy:: Preferred, and both without sizeHint, as as a result  all ? From what calculation - from the initial size of the main thing  will dance, and to try to spread out in it child, or on the contrary, will decompose the child. As a result increasing the size of the main thing ? Or still that? At me this question  in connection with a problem - it is necessary to adjust the size of a primary window under  in it  (like QTableView). When I put child  in  restrictions on a minimum (like QSizePolicy:: : MinimumExpanding), all is perfectly decomposed and urged on, but thus it begins impossible to reduce the size of a window manually. If I remove restriction - all spoils (at QTableView the part  disappears and because of it starts to be cut ).