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All greetings!
Help to understand, please, with the following task:
It is necessary to deduce the certain information (was specific - links) at file discovery in the BROWSER;
Thus, when we open the document in EXCEL - links should not be.
Where to dig, in what side to dig?? What functions, parameters to use, that
To understand what program the client uses and according to it to deduce the necessary data!
For provision of any information I will be grateful!
1) Tried to carry out through css @media (allows to specify carrier type to which the specified style will be applied. As types various devices, for example, the printer, a handheld computer, the monitor) appear. But the monitor - it both in  and in Eksele - the monitor - is shorter, does not roll
2) Vendor URL: <xsl:value-of select = "system-property (' xsl:vendor-url ')"/>
BUT URL, identifying the vendor of processor XSLT, at Explorer and Excel the identical! That in general it is logical, but from it it is not easier (


Re: User Agent xslt

On idea and  and the Ex-fur-tree uses same MSXML. So that


Re: User Agent xslt

[quote = _ Vasilisk _] On idea and  and the Ex-fur-tree uses same MSXML. So that

not absolutely, had experience to come across differences. In VBA match = "root" worked as match = "/root", under ie did not work, therefore to begin since then became with match = "/". As xsl:import it was differently fulfilled.
At msxml the whole zoo of versions, in system by default can be more than one, and the office at setting also puts the.
Try system-property (' msxsl:version ')