Topic: What threshold of entrance in UE4 for isometric or logical game?

Unreal Engine 4 like a top-trim from free engines for fans, free for development. Is  only under Vendu and the Poppy. But. To me as to the programmer, it is opposite to sit in   for the sake of the designer of levels, and both Poppies were staked out by members of a family. Tried to collect UE4 under Fedora 24, meanwhile struggle against compilation errors. Still  attempt to collect under Ubuntu LTS (a box for chislodrobilki - I launch rarely, in the core for to play). A question to those who did something with usage UE - as began, how many efforts were required on to drive? PS only graphic side is interesting to an isometric projection 2d games to me from UE. Plane engines - insufficiently abrupt for my ideas.