Topic: Intrusive or NonIntrusive OOP design

With ++ programmers well know from Straustrupa about intrusive and not intrusive lists. If who not in course: the Intrusive list But whether is somewhere the description of reasons about expediency of application of this or that approach at designing of domain model? Or it is simple to designing of classes of system. After all if we project a site like RSDN at us messages they can as to know about existence of neighbors or a forum to which concern. And not to know immediately, and the information on it the object of type can carry a site or forums. Someone about it writes? Myers?


Re: Intrusive or NonIntrusive OOP design

Hello, Gattaka. Did not meet such reasonings. Itself I suppose that elements should know about neighbors for acceleration of operations with neighbors (within the limits of a certain dial-up of frequent operations). I.e. it is necessary to do a reasoning on necessity of such approach starting with  logic business. PS: even in the same queue in hospital it would be desirable to be in normal queue and not to interact with people, saving peace of mind.