Topic: Expression debugger in a dll-assemblage js-file is not caught by a debugger

Being based on here this example https://dzone.com/articles/aspnet-bundlingminification tried to build in in ClassLibrary the project a js-file. All turned out - it works. But the studio does not react in any way to a keyword debugger in the text. Now links on js look somehow so: <script type = "text/javascript" src = "/emb - [blablabla.dll]/my.namespace.folder.script.js"> </script> accordingly adjusted mvc'  and set on  which the regular expression gets a title of the assembly and a title embedded a resource, reads it and produces in an output. If in the project physically to suppose the file on the way with little change: <script type = "text/javascript" src = "/emb1 - [blablabla.dll]/my.namespace.folder.script.js"> </script> that debugger in it works normally. Checked answer titles - all identically, found only a difference in X-SourceFiles as emdedded the file there referred to a nonexistent file, and a normal file on the existing. Tried to expose this title hands - without a difference. That else: * in studio during debugging in section Script Documents this embedded the file appears normally - all words debugger on a place, the file will not be transformed. File name lawful - my.namespace.folder.script.js * if in Script Documents to find this file and hands to deliver a brjak-point (through F9) the studio on it stops. * if the project to launch through ctrl+f5 at the moment of pass of a debugger-line, appears  (as though) a window "Visual Studio Just-In-Time" from which it is offered to select a debugger. If to select studio (the same triggered project) the studio passes in a debug mode and normally stops at debugger-line. If to refuse a debugger choice business is entered by a browser debugger (IE) and it too normally catches debugger. * if in studio to disconnect a daw "Just My Code" in adjustments the studio starts to cling for debugger. I.e. it is probable embedded-javascript it is not considered by studio as "my code". * tried to play with a file mycode.json - in a web project contents of this file influence files, on embedded-files are not present. * here  it is told about not which classification of the code (MyCode, Library, Unrelated), but statements rather blurred. Questions: - that can hinder studio to grasp a keyword debugger in embedded-files? How to let studios know, what it "my code"? What it is possible to try still?