Topic: How to optimize long process?

All greetings. There is a big, mossy repository. Periodic ("night")  gather for 6-8 hours that does not arrange as sometimes it is necessary to collect a patch or to collect at once a little  from different . We search for possibility to accelerate all this business... It is a little details. The repository of the average size, consists of approximately 100-200 ill-matched projects (a C ++ under 7 different studios.NET, Silverlight, Java, InstallShiled). On the basis of all it  some the bound products - the server, the corporate server, the client, the personal client... I.e. projects somewhere it is more somewhere less, but are connected with each other. Approximately half of projects  on  to a basis, second half gathers out of need and is added by hands. We use TeamCity in quality  servers. While working idea following: 1. To select independent pieces of source codes and to collect from them artifacts only at  in these areas of the code. (TeamCity is able such) 2. To build a dependence graph of projects in TeamCity 3. To connect in the graph projects collected manually 4. To adjust the assembly of dependences  on different  agents 5. PROFIT? There are at whom other ideas? Or remarks to working idea?


Re: How to optimize long process?

Hello, Sergey J. A., you wrote: SJA> There are at whom other ideas? Or remarks to working idea? It is possible : 1.   in all projects 2. To clean the code from unnecessary  3. SSD on  machines