Topic: NetBeans - how to add one more compiler of a C ++?

Who works in NetBeans, prompt, whether there is there a method to add the new compiler in a C ++ the project? Now for a C/C ++ the project there there are 2 compilers - gcc (for compilation. files) and g ++ (for compilation.cpp). I need to add one more - nvcc for compilation.cu files.  thus there will be one - g ++. There are detailed instructions how to replace gcc (g ++) on nvcc, but I need to use all 3 compilers simultaneously in one project. Meanwhile made a crutch - as the Fortran-compiler registered nvcc, all works, is compiled, but Code Assistance falls, autocompletion ceases to work, it becomes very inconvenient. I.e. changeover Code Assistance by a C ++ for the Fortran but as it to make would become a solution of a problem also, too is not clear.