Topic: Vs2015 Updates mix in a project

I ask a pardon for repetition, but in an existing subject to me did not answer, I hope here it will be more productive. Whether prompt, please, I can is safe  on update 3 without recompilation of the indirect libraries already collected Update1? De facto, all works for me in such mode, but I can not find neither acknowledgement of a validity of such combination, nor its prohibition. Libraries I all  statically if it is important in the given context. link time codegen it is included (/ltcg). If suddenly there are links to the official data or the deep analysis, please share. Thanks.


Re: Vs2015 Updates mix in a project

All follows . Even if binary compatibility is saved (and it like is saved), in assembled libraries can be 1) problems and lacks  2) problems in the code, not found out by prior version of the compiler and filtered into the assembly While asked could read already release notes and all .