Topic: The idle time rejtrejser/renderer

Colleagues, and prompt the most simple renderer in mastering which could solve the following task - there is a light source (pointwise) before which there is a screen with the cut holes (many holes). Light transits through this screen, is reflected from a surface of the given form (me), then gets to the camera with the characteristics set (me).


Re: The idle time rejtrejser/renderer

Hello, 3141566=Z, you wrote: Z> Colleagues, and prompt most simple in mastering a renderer Trace of rays Free BRL-CAD Cycles (Blender) LuxRender Sunflow YafaRay POV-Ray Proprietarnoe Arnold Brazil R/S BusyRay (a plug-in to 3DS MAX) finalRender Fryrender Gelato Holomatix Rendition (interactive ) Indigo Renderer Kerkythea Mantra (as a part of packet Houdini) Maxwell Render mental ray RenderMan (PhotoRealistic or PRMan) V-Ray bCAD SolidWorks For training could pay attention on POV-Ray,  and all affairs. And for convenience of operation on V-Ray as last is a plug-in to  3D to editors. To take the same Mental Ray, goes in delivery with the same 3D Studio Max. Anyway trace of rays (ray tracing), from here is apparently necessary and it is necessary to be repelled.