Re: Advantages to sell the software through online shops

Hello, rean, you wrote: A>> Fill, please, request here https://allsoft.ru/info/toauthors/, and we send you detailed conditions of cooperation. R> is not present, I do not want to cooperate with you. At all did not convince, and my questions public to answer for some reason do not want, though it on a subject. R> in article did not see any advantage and perspectives. All the same  a peel what was still about ten years ago. R> I too can write Such texts and as to walk on forums. R> the world changed for a long time, and even the RuNet strongly changed. To give money simply so to owners of one more  archive there is no desire. R> because archives do not work for a long time, and the approach to sales and marketing for a long time already another. R> Sharevare 2.0 on whom you grew and with which I began, died for a long time already. I do not know anybody who would remain afloat, using R> those principles from the beginning 2000. And you try to find the such. R> the next years and the great bulk  3.0 which came approximately with 2008, will experience the considerable difficulties. R> and they initially do not use archives and do not see in it sense since began just during mass loss of archives. R> there is no sense to use out-of-date principles and to try to sell that is not appreciated, methods which are not appreciated any more, R> yes is not used and the changed audience of the Internet. Foreign loggers, for example, already noted these tendencies R> and now change, trying to adapt. About what advantages large  shops there is a speech when with it already R> for a long time played enough on an example of shops of Apple and Microsoft?! "Be with us, we are abrupt also you is abrupt!" Any more does not work. R> the content of the Internet 4.0 to which there are now changes, will form absolutely differently. And such people do not gather in crowds in hope R> casually to get in  pages of archive or casually to be seen in mailing.  now not fishing during week-end, R> and hi-tech manufacture. It do not agree with you. You nobody forces to work only with  for example. It is one of variants of advancement and sale of products. If you work with legal bodies in the Russian Federation which want the contract, the account and so forth a crap you certainly can do this all, and can guarantee it with the type logger . And these clients will precisely not pay to you through what that of the western logger. Therefore all is defined by that what you a product sell also to whom. Well, and loud and prophetical announcements sound always beautifully, but is rare when convincingly.