Topic: Removal of characters in xml

From the xml-document there is a request to a DB, tag Query:
<Query alias = "tablename">
<SQL dialect = "generic"> SELECT column_name FROM tablenamel </SQL>
Returned field value (type integer) for some reason happens to a floating point. For example, number 1000, and request is stored in a DB from xml returns 1000.0. The program processing xml in this case Saiku - plug-in Pentaho BI, probably it behaves in a queer way with a point but where this business is adjusted I do not know. Whether is in XML possibility to cut off/delete characters?


Re: Removal of characters in xml

In my opinion it is better to understand, why the floating point comes.
And with the text it is possible to work certainly: http://www.w3schools.com/Xml/xsl_functions.asp#string


Re: Removal of characters in xml

In xml in  applied function round () which returns an integer number from the fractional. But did not help. Business in a program. (