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All greetings.
the device by means of KingoRoot, delivered BusyBox (at setting wrote that "does not demand special resolutions" that is strange), at discovery writes "There was problem opening a shell with root access. This is either being caused by superuser/supersu or by a device that is inproperly roote". A screen I apply.
Type commands w, who still do not work.
What can it be?
Perhaps somebody knows, how still it is possible to look at all users of system? This question is connected to my previous subject in which clarified that each application is launched from the user. I want to check up.


Re: It is not installed BusyBox

What exactly you want to correct in the message?
, judging by a screen, it is not received.
The terminal is installed?


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wadman, what for the terminal? I wanted through adb shell to look at users of system + to get access to  to commands.  it is installed, and adb shell writes so:



Re: It is not installed BusyBox

Alexey Agafonov;
terinal emulator, the console for .
But it so, my preference.
In remaining it is necessary most to dig, for the question actually has no interest.
Works, as it is declared and it is fine.


Re: It is not installed BusyBox

Deliver a program for stock-taking , the title is googled, or any program which  uses, for example   or  the commander (with a campaign in a disk root). Probably  rose crookedly, probably something not so with  and so I join the previous expression - sense to check that it is obvious to eat.
p.s. Evil tongues say that the list of users and their house folders by analogy with/etc/passwd is in/data/system/packages.list
Shortly looked - well, very much to that it is similar, but not the fact -  I do not see, truth is the user  with a folder/data/system