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At connection Android to port USB - jumps out request of resolution. Also it is possible to remember by default.
How next time at an input to consider this choice that the choice on resolution jumped out only if the answer was negative on resolution of connection or a choice was not remembered?
The choice is remembered, since in properties of application is written that it uses properties by default for some actions.
Or generally to remove a tick of storage of a choice.

public final BroadcastReceiver broadcastReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver () {
public void onReceive (Context context, Intent intent) {
if (intent.getAction ().equals (ACTION_USB_PERMISSION)) {
boolean granted = intent.getExtras ().getBoolean (UsbManager. EXTRA_PERMISSION_GRANTED);
if (granted) PermissionUSB ();
if (intent.getAction ().equals (UsbManager. ACTION_USB_DEVICE_ATTACHED)) {StartUSB (); return;}
if (intent.getAction ().equals (UsbManager. ACTION_USB_DEVICE_DETACHED)) {StopUSB (); return;}


Re: The application rights

It is OS functional, it not to change.


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wadman, did not convince.
But unless it is impossible to request resolution at application setting that 1 time asked and any more did not ask?
I search what to register in the manifesto, yet did not find....
And what for then to deduce  for a choice, to remember this choice?
At the given stage, I as understand, it will work c API 23.
But what for then this is necessary , after all many users of years through 5 reach 23 versions.
Logicians are not present. It would be more logical to deduce  for storage of a choice from 23 versions.
I understand further while.


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I am not going to convince.
Access to usb as to a functional, and a binding to the specific device (a question and a tick) generally different events and you in any way will not affect them.


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wadman, I understood that OC the flash card locks USB as it can be, for example, and he asks resolution on access to a flash card. When the mail program sends an e-mail it does not ask each time resolution, only in 1 time at setting.
I will collect more information, I want to reach the same result.


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You somewhere incurred...
Flash card from the point of view of wasps, not  the device, and the drive.
The task sounded.