Topic: Vocal and video chats under on own XMPP the server. How?

I administer among other Ignite Openfire the server through which users  and change files (occasionally, small).
All time there are requests to organize it video and a voice chat. To use  or other services will be nobody, only through this server.
At first tried to make it by means of Jitsi. Like at first sight would work, but only under the last Windows - 7, 8 .
At Russian and Ukrainian users XP (which the extreme minority) at switching of layout Jitsi is dead hangs. It is possible to cut down process only. It proceeds with JDK 1.7 on this 1.8.111 day. In the seven switches normally, but  they do not gather.  that XP they launch in  from under  (though and on iron XP the same problem).
At users  (which the majority) Jitsi hangs up at establishment of video or vocal connection. Hangs not tightly, it is possible to wake, closing a chat window, a primary window and pushing the right mouse an icon in a tray. Droops and so to a following call. After durable fruitless  and calls to  "the fool" has been sent on 4+3 cheerful letters with the diagnosis.
Then undertook for Gajim. After durable fruitless  and calls to  received the answer: voice support is broken. Type for ever. Or for a long time, while a cancer on a grief .
Ekiga. Yet did not try. Whether it is necessary to try to sort out it with support XMPP and to get from a pusher? Who  successfully used it in a voice mode through OpenFire?
Principal and almost unique requirement - that the server and thus through TLS 1.2 was used