Topic: Sheaf HASP + CentOS + 1C does not work

Good afternoon, colleagues!
Is 1 8.3 server 64 under linux+PostgreSQL x64+Centos 7.2 x64
There is a server key 1 64, and as a client key on 20 users. We install the driver of protection and Hasp Licence manager.
Using the instruction: https://habrahabr.ru/sandbox/42520 / + a heap of other instructions all are similar against each other in any does not want to work. The server is visible in ASKMonitor, but the key is not displayed in it.
In USB devices it is recognized as it is necessary. Prompt people kind how to deliver HASP that worked.
[root@work1C ~] #/etc/init.d/haspd start
Loading HASP LPT kernel module... (/dev/lp0 device has not found) [PASSED]
Running aksusbd... [PASSED]
Running winehasp... [PASSED]
Running hasplm... [PASSED]
Running hasplmd... [PASSED]
[root@work1C ~] #/etc/init.d/haspd status
Hardware protection keys support bundle. Etersoft (c) 2008-2016
HASPD package 7.40 with/dev/bus/usb support
Aladdin HASP 4/HL/SRM driver status:
kernel module aksparlnx is not loaded (WARNING: HASP LPT keys support is dis abled! Run service haspd build if needed.)
aksusbd is running
winehasp is running
hasplm is running
hasplmd is running
aksusbd version - key API (USB) version: 3.88 (parallel driver not available)
/proc/bus/usb workaround is enabled
Smartkey 3 USB/LPT driver status:
skeyd is stopped
SafeNet Sentinel status:
usbsentinel is stopped
SntlKeysSrvrlnx is stopped
Use $ eterkeytest [- hasp] [- sentinel] [- eutron] for test key presence


Re: Sheaf HASP + CentOS + 1C does not work

All earned-put on pure system on a manual http://wiki.etersoft.ru/HASP