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Greetings to all!
In establishment there is a computer class on 50 computers in which quality are used  without disks with loading on PXE. It is now loaded , thinned out from unnecessary . The size of all of this  is less than 150 mbytes.
As this   it is very inaccurate, connection of the network printer for example turns to an incapable of solution problem. Also glitches with loading, the errors recently began, that opera is sometimes loaded by some machines under 10 minutes. There is a task instead of this ancient  to deliver another , is competent  to the necessary state. All that is necessary from  it is an opera/fajrfoks and connection to the network printer. In quality tftp a server now Core2Duo E8600 with 4   and one HDD.
I can not find normal docks on loading normal  through PXE, everywhere it is written only about network setting through PXE or network loading with Live CD. It is necessary To me that the normal system from a folder to which it is possible to make operatively changes was loaded, to add users... With Live CD of it you will not make.
Now collected  for loading of all this business, adjusted. Now a problem in ... Help, who can solved already this problem?


Re: Computer class with loading on PXE

The distribution kit put any what to you it is pleasant./usr it is necessary to distribute on nfs. And through tftp the kernel + which all is given a minimum image initializes, type of network folders etc. it is necessary to investigate a little into system of initialization on different  it on a miscellaneous. At me similar loads centos6 on 150 machines.


Re: Computer class with loading on PXE