Topic: boost:: iostreams - a bug?

The filter with closed copy CTOR. struct crc_md5_filter: public boost:: iostreams:: output_filter {typedef char char_type; typedef boost:: iostreams:: output_filter_tag category; crc_md5_filter (const crc_md5_filter&) = delete; crc_md5_filter &operator = (const crc_md5_filter = delete;...};//it is used crc_md5_filter md5_filter; boost_io:: filtering_ostream ofs; ofs.push (boost:: ref (md5_filter)); <<- Error C2280 ' boost::iostreams::crc_md5_filter::crc_md5_filter (const boost:: iostreams:: crc_md5_filter) ': attempting to reference a deleted function Here in the documentation on push () it is told that in case of closed copy CTOR it is necessary to use boost:: ref that I and made. If the designer to open, is compiled, though the designer is not used. A bug?


Re: boost:: iostreams - a bug?

Hello, nen777w, you wrote: N>//It is used it is recommended to spread a minimum code in online the compiler the Author see http://rsdn.org/forum/cpp/6613937.flat: uzhas Date: 18.11 13:25


Re: boost:: iostreams - a bug?

Hello, nen777w, you wrote: N> the Bug? At me on gcc version 5.4.0, boost 1.58 all are compiled.