Topic: [Python] Popinat one project

There is one project - https://github.com/PetrPPetrov/beautiful-capi Is written in the core on the Python 3. Who has time - please make to it the code . There are places which are not pleasant to me are a generation doxygen documentation. Certainly, interests more, the code  the code the Python, instead of that code which it generates. A topic devoted to the project - http://rsdn.org/forum/prj/6425341.1 the Author: GhostCoders Date: 22.04.16 And yes, you can use the given project in the projects. In spite of the fact that itself beautiful-capi it is licensed under GPL 3, it does not hinder to use it in commercial projects because it is launched as the separate utility (as git or swig, for example), and the generated exhaust is not obliged to be under GPL (and can be under your license).