Topic: Speed of reading/record of a file

Day kind. Such theoretical question. Here the elementary script on vbs which reads the buffer from the big file and anything with it does not do. Set FSO = CreateObject ("Scripting. FileSystemObject") Set File = FSO.GetFile ("z:\zzz.iso") Set TextStream = File. OpenAsTextStream (1) Dim sIna sIna = "" Do While Not TextStream. AtEndOfStream sIna = TextStream. Read (4096 * 1000) sIna = "" Loop TextStream. Close At me the task as fast as possible to read the big files (from 80), and so it is a script loads percents of percent on 12-15 and in  tasks it is visible that process in which is launched a script reads a file approximately with a speed 20MB/with. If to launch parallely such four scripts then loading  will be approximately under 100 % and speed of reading will come nearer to declared for HDD speeds (100MB/c). Prompt why one script cannot "on full" use computer resources, it is OS it restricts? Whether it is possible to remove this restriction for specific process or an output only a multithreading ( in this case it "")? Or generally all not so?))