Topic: 28 sites - the decision of tasks

Fell in mailing: https://tproger.ru/digest/competitive-p … -practice/ Probably, the majority knows these sites. But there there are also little-known. Itself on all did not walk. First two, it is natural: Codeforces - it is doubtless the most popular and known platform all over the world for carrying out of competitions on . Except large  the site frequently leads "rounds" - 5 tasks are given at two o'clock to participants. There is a rating system on which basis participants share on two battalions. Thus, pros do not compete with beginners directly. All tasks can be handed over and checked up even after competitions. Except "rounds" "trainings" are accessible also - tasks from the last competitions are published in a mode . TopCoder -  lagging behind on popularity from Codeforces the American platform. It is remarkable that except algorithmic  which were described earlier, on it competitions on industrial programming and marathons - competitions to tasks on research for which there is no uniform true algorithm are led also, and there is only an answer approaching more or less. On the decision of such tasks to participants it is normally given one or two weeks.