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http://apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plug … n_411.html
Here there is an author of this plug-in? Or who can knows its soap?
Noted one unpleasant singularity (


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orabin, tell about an unpleasant singularity


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When you stick for the very first line of the master report - the plug-in does not work.
On other lines perfectly works


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orabin, well, can repeat this effect on a demo-appendix?


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I will try later. All works For you on your implementations?


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Orabin, yes


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orabin wrote:

Generally all ceased to work.

Less use plug-ins in the size more ajtemsa\ITEMS'a.
In  regularly all is.


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orabin, generally, it is actual only  2 of the list resulted by you. Remaining - it is corrected. Why for you does not work, to tell here then inconveniently. In 26 subject it precisely worked for me. What to make? In - the first, it is possible to try to rearrange a plug-in - strange, but sometimes it helped. In the second, check up adjustments - especially it important if you specified there jQuery selectors. If helps nothing, give the test  on apex.oracle.com - I will look at a leisure.


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In your blog where I asked you, I specified the soap orabin@mail.ru write to me  on it


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Only I study APEX. Do not prompt in Russian how to use subj?


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nomad = wrote:

Only I study APEX.

If so try the regular Wizard a plotter from  master .


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Tried. But it not absolutely that: standard simply works by a passage principle, and I want to learn to do on one page without page update (ajax).


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=nomad =;
In 5-ke there are modal forms.
Than not a variant?
And passage () too it is quite good. Time you only in the way beginning.


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=nomad =, hold