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There is a table of two columns, in the first by the automatic machine (function now) is substituted current date, in the second the data - number registers.
It is necessary to make the second table, the same consisting of two columns, and is more true from two cells, in one the number is entered, and in the second there should be a difference between the last gated in number from the first to the table and number from the second to the table which is written down in the first cell.
In the second table to do columns not mandatory. The difference of the last gated in number from the first table and number of the second table which can be entered once a month will be necessary only, and it can be re-recorded.
Therefore speech about columns does not go, it is possible to make simply two cells.
For the help thankful in advance!


Re: Help to create the table

H'm... And sense?
At first, what sense in this difference if in 5 minutes one more record is interposed into the first table, and the data becomes .
Secondly, what for to store this most "number from the second table"?
Well and so - I do not see a problem. How to search for "the last gated in number" - on it already two subjects in FAQ are written:
FAQ: Numbering of lines and other questions about usage of variables
FAQ: Sampling of first/last record in groups
Well and to subtract, I suppose, you and so you are able...


Re: Help to create the table

With samplings all is clear, to me it is necessary as that table to create what all automatically became.
Data will be .
Entered new number into the first table, and in the second table of the second cell a new difference which is necessary.
Entered into the second table in the first cell new number, and in the second a new difference etc.