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Hello. Who knows as to launch 2 mysql servers on one system?
It is necessary mysql the driver for game servers (is in version 5.6, mysql and mysqli)
But recently updated system and lines pulled and to install most the freshest mysql. And in it it appears it is left only mysqli.
The problem in that that not everywhere where is used connection to mysql there is a possibility to switch a call through i the driver.
Such method https://habrahabr.ru/post/250929/- does not approach, therefore as make install/pkg most likely does not give  on the existing version.
Or can be eat a method to force to work 5.7 with mysql the driver.
Or  it is not soared, to forget about this new release and to roll away on 5,6 where both drivers, mysql and mysqli work?


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In this case an axis - FreeBSD


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And to esteem a manual - not?


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Akina, in a manual it is applicable to two different versions? Or all the same speech about ? In this case two mysqli  are not necessary


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Everything, I see, thanks. The subject can be closed