Topic: Are searched testings (Python)

All greetings!
In our commands we search for sensible experts in the field of test automation on Python. Candidates with experience from a year are considered.
There are some projects in which are required .  from 120 .. And above
There is one vacancy in a command antispam in which we look Seniors or Regular .
The main requirements:
o Knowledge Python at good level.
o Excellent skills of operation in CentOS 6 and 7.
o Knowledge of how the electronic mail and as DNS can influence delivery of the letter of the sender to the receiver is arranged.
o Skills of operation from Microsoft Exchange Server.
o Skills of operation with services Postfix, Bind, Dovecot.
o Skills of development, finishing, update of test scenarios and testing plans.
Vacancy complete description: https://hh.ru/vacancy/19006819
Also vacancies in subdividing Future Technology are opened, we search  tests for projects new by a TV set. Knowledge Linux, networks and testing experience (including skills of automation) Here be required.
https://hh.ru/vacancy/18616892 - manual testing + automation on Python
https://hh.ru/vacancy/18563255 - manual testing + automation on Python
The abstract and questions send on mail: Alexandra.Vyazovik@kaspersky.com