Topic: How to restart Microsoft Outlook a macro?

Good afternoon!
The third day I puzzle: whether restarting Outlook by a macro is possible or how to initialize start "to Update a folder". How many I search, I can not find an unambiguous answer, on macroes in Outlook the information in an Internet is poor, and the macrorecorder as in exel is not present. Somebody can answer? I will explain for what it it is necessary: some times in a month at us at the enterprise regulated operations (including in the days off) then mail ceases to work before the subsequent restarting Outlook are led or button clicks "to Update a folder". All anything, but in Outlook is other macro which at obtaining of mail from certain persons puts nested files in a network folder changing their titles. Accordingly, if mail is not updated, and on a workplace anybody is not present, also the data on a network share misses.
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Re: How to restart Microsoft Outlook a macro?

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Public Sub test ()
Dim olSycs As SyncObjects
Dim j As Long
Set olSycs = Session. SyncObjects
For j = 1 To olSycs. Count
olSycs. Item (j).Start
Next j
Set olSycs = Nothing
End Sub