Topic: PowerShell comparing of two files

There was a necessity comparing of 2 text files and record in the third data file from the first and the second. Who can help, how it can be implemented? PowerShell I study at all for a long time and such skills still are not present sad And now in more details:
There are 2 files, in a type:
1. The File
00005555; 000000; Petrov Peter Petrovich
2. The File
0000;0000;0000;0000;0000;0000;0000;0000; Peter Petrovich; PetrovPP
It is necessary following to compare 2 files line by line and at the full coincidence  in the first file and  in the second to write down a line in the third file combining the first field from the first file and all the line long from the second in a type:
0000;0000;0000;0000;0000;0000;0000;0000; Peter Petrovich; PetrovPP; 00005555
And at a finding of two  identical to write down an error in a separate file with instructions .


Re: PowerShell comparing of two files

PowerShell it is relevant to Windows. Better a topic there to transfer IMHO.


Re: PowerShell comparing of two files

Johny_spb, and it is necessary on PowerShell? Other languages do not approach?