Topic: Sequence of development of the project

All kind time of days, I ask from knowing council about implementation for the schedulable project: Implementation is planned in some stages:
1. Collection of users and communications with them (the task: the maximum attractiveness and convenience to users eliminating risks from the big loadings and )
2. A monetization of assembled audience (the task: maximum convenience to users and automation of operation and control of employees, eliminating risks from the big loadings and )
The general task: At project development to add already available development and toolkits with the least  or the full changeover of early development and toolkits. I will try to explain: For implementation of the first stage I (knowing about development and toolkits it is not enough)  telegram bot.
At passage to the second stage,  to add decisions 1. And since in the first stage already it is necessary to implement collection and data storage of users, and 1 works not with all DBMS already from the first stage it is necessary to select the necessary DBMS that at the second stage not to change a DBMS and not to transfer  a DB.
I will describe : Subjects, a car. Motorists can receive selection of the prices for service, the goods for the car, also to invite acquaintances, receiving bonuses for it.
At the second stage motorists in addition can buy or order service.
But I will repeat, implementation of the first stage should as much as possible budgetary be simultaneously convenient and pleasant for the user since at the first stage there will be no monetization and if enough of users in the further development of the project is not typed there will be no sense. But if in the first stage all goes safely then in the second stage the toolkit for communications with users, operation with orders, sales, delivery, manufacture, accounts department and control, control over all processes is required.
I hope could outline plans but if something is not clear, is ready to answer your questions.
P.S: All with the coming!!! smile


Re: Sequence of development of the project

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PS It is important to write without errors, that in the code that in the text tell syntactic errors about same.