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There was a question on server virtualization.
Input data:
1. Small office, more or less modern office server.
2. Two OS: Windows Server 2012 and 2016 (licensed)
3. Money is not present. It is a question only about free .
I want to tire out on one iron  and the DB server (MS a SQL Server). Capacities of iron for solved tasks unambiguously suffices.
At the given deal what variant advise: VmVare ESXi or Hyper-V? Or without a difference?
Thankful in advance for the answer.
In server virtualization was not engaged, but (as my acquaintance speaks) all once happens for the first time.


Re: What to select

WMware it is not free, and  apparently you do not know, so put hyper-v and not ...


Re: What to select

Sergey Orlov wrote:

WMware it is not free...

Customers can use product ESXi free of charge...
[quote =]... And  apparently you do not know, so put hyper-v and not ...

Linux I do not know, yes. I work with databases and I write applications for them.  I am engaged forcedly: the office small, and money for the selected administrator is not present.
I here  the Internet, on WMware am more than information. ESXi for testing installed, I study. On hyper-v absolutely it is not enough articles. Here also I ask the skilled people, what variant approaches me more?