Topic: Xeon + normal MSI on a socket 1366

There is mother MSI ECLIPSE SLI the Platform 1366 Want to replace i7 920 on Heon X5675 the help Is necessary
In the specification there is no it . https://ru.msi.com/Motherboard/support/ … upport-cpu What reefs wait for me?


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BIOS, probably, it is necessary "to collect hands", i.e. to update a microcode.


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It is clear, but how it to make?
If who knows, help!
Adding from 12/17/2016 01:01:
Than to open bios, where to search for microcodes, how to cut, interpose and where to take them?


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For AMI:
http://www.delidded.com/how-to-update-c … -ami-bios/
It is possible either to take microcodes from Intel or from other board. For x58 good sources of Asus Sabertooth and EVGA SR2.


Re: Xeon + normal MSI on a socket 1366

Thanks. The donor downloaded MMTOOL_3.22 (the version mmtool_v5.07_beta does not open mine BIOS) Mother has been selected Asus P6T6 WS Revolution
As it has a support of all processors on 58 from 920 to Heon X5690. Opened the BIOS and BIOS Asus P6T6 WS Revolution.
Compared microcodes and wanted to add two lines from Asus P6T6 WS Revolution, but the full changeover of microcodes turned out.
It is normal? By the way my microcodes there were 12 lines, and Asus only 9. It is normal? ? Moreover, it was necessary to rename file BIOS from the native extension into a file rom. After editing it is reverse in the native extension.


Re: Xeon + normal MSI on a socket 1366

1. On those boards that I specified, a microcode , than on P6T6, but should work.
2. If for itself, it is possible to sew up generally only those ID that are necessary. 06A5 and 062 cover almost all. If any exotic stands, and for it.


Re: Xeon + normal MSI on a socket 1366

And again thanks. Looked at support  on Asus Sabertooth board 58, there is not present . Therefore also took for basis P6T6. And the codes really . Already altered. It turned out also, waved all microcodes with BIOS Asus Sabertooth 58 on BIOS MSI ECLIPSE SLI. It is necessary to stitch BIOS and to find Heon X5675.