Topic: Asus P8H67-M PRO. Problems with start.

Hello! There is a computer with a configuration: mother P8H67-M PRO (rev. 3.00) (BIOS 3904 last), percents Core i5 2310, RAM Silicon Power 24 Gb 1333MHz, video of Asus GTX960 Direct Cu II OC 4 Gb,  Cooler Master G550M 550. As that time after switching-on continuously began to squeak the system speaker and a computer accordingly refused to start. The problem dared reset of adjustments of a BIOS. In couple of weeks the situation repeated and here now the course with reset of adjustments did not help. Changed the power unit, changed the RAM (both laths and their position), the videocard removed and it was connected to built in all vainly. It found values of the continuous peep specifies in the power unit though that as it should be. Prompt please who knows as to solve this problem?