Topic: AOC I2781 and Pleer.ru

Greetings friends!
More shortly I will begin the story with a proverb: you Will hasten people you will make laugh.
Stood at me ancient  by the second machine (at the heart of MBP 2015), the huge case, old  21,5 16-9. C2D and other. In general stuff to the modern measures which I collected about 10 years ago.
I sold it successfully and decided to buy a poppy . An accurate box for in games I do not play, and I sit on the Internet, yes in  with .
Bought a poppy  and very much wanted  27. The choice fell on AOC I2781 read responses on  and thought, well norms  it is necessary to take. This very day  the monitor wanted to buy purchases. On the way and nearby it appeared . in which I  that or to buy, knowing their essence. But the monitor not phone and not earphones, you will not forge, I thought.
As a result called in in shop, defended queue, received the coupon on payment. In cash register stood all ladder on the second floor and all hall with cash registers... More shortly a hell.
Further, came behind the monitor. It got from a box, looked that without damages and here my request - followed Let's include and we connect it, we look at dead pixels. On what answered me very simply is a service at us paid. 700.:eek:
to myself I think, I paid already the goods and it should also be checked up for the grandma. Well I think swine, went to one place. Went on a stand it connected, included. But I pound it is not enough, there only the black screen of a greeting and no signal.
It would be desirable already more likely home all to deliver, launch and . Gave in to desire pulse. And hope that in the modern world me the spoilage problem does not concern
Arrived home, all delivered. And here noted two nuances:
1) In a corner on an antiflare as though air under it. As if what that the idiot tried to unstick an antiflare.
2) 2 dead pixels. One hardly noticeable, another it is visible.
Was upset . Esteemed that the goods to return in a player  the whole song.
Like as under the law of a customer within 15 days I have the right to return the goods under general conditions. But  they looking at itself in shop return it. + the reset department works only with 10 to 19 on weekdays. And at me on operation now a blockage Prenew Year's. There is no time for quarrels with them.
On good my plan it should be that:
I come to a player with two copies of the written claim. One I leave it, on another with their press I leave.
Meal in , I do monitor expertize that defect not because of the buyer appeared ( mine)
If I receive this act about expertize in my side, I go a player and I return money.
I correspond with them on a subject of that I would like to exchange the goods on similar but free of defects.
But it hardly.
As in Russian manual it is written nothing about a monitor class. However in English it is written:
The citation from English manual:
All AOC LCD Monitors are produced according to the ISO 9241-307 Class 1 pixel policy standards
And in our visitor:
  the defective pixels. The maximum permissible amount of the defective pixels, depending on the sizes of the screen, is defined in the international standard ISO 13406-2 (in Russia - GOST  52324-2005). The standard distinguishes 4 classes of quality of Zhk-displays, for each of which the certain amount of idle pixels from one million is admitted:
Class of 1: 0 defective pixels on one million.
Class 2: to 2 defects of type 1 and 2 or to 5 defects of type 3 on one million.
Class 3: to 5 defective pixels of type 1; to 15 - type 2; to 50 defective subpixels on one million.
Class 4: to 150 dead pixels on one million.

Here also I think what to do?
There is a sense . Not hunting to remain without the monitor simply for a month and more taking into account holidays.
And as, knowing as the player  likes to change the . Persons of Open Company the DAISY WHEEL on Open Company the DANDELION and to remain without the monitor in all under the total.))
The pixel one beaten to live does not hinder, the second generally is lost sometimes. But certainly the effect of pleasure lowered. But any more I do not note it as a matter of fact.:spy: