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Good afternoon all!
Here the text which I sent in support of PowerCom from which my problem can be clear:
I already here wrote, but I will repeat the sad story: in the Spring 2016 bought in "Regarde" this UPS - SPT2000A. Bought already the second UPS from PowerCom - the first was SKP1500 (and it perfectly works till now without censures). SPT2000A since first days became  - everyone 30  - 1 minute it switches in a mode "from the battery" and in some seconds reversely, publishing thus clicks and a sound signal. As the high quality sound equipment has been connected to it - Blu-ray, and TV that presence of such amount of clicks and  by no means me did not please a receiver - all pattern from music and films spoiled. I with a grief-half-and-half translated it in a silent mode -  ceased, but clicks was all the same audible. Clicking so it simply burned down couple of months filling with smoke at night so I woke up from a conducting smell of burning. Brought it to service "the Network of computer clinics" - long repaired - returned in couple of months - in August brought it home - again clicks and peeps. Connected to it different loading - never overloaded - always loading made from 30 to 35 percent no more. And in the core equipment in a sleeping mode. But the UPS always switches in a mode of batteries and is reverse. As a result in September again brought it to service - once again explained - the UPS clicks and peeps - repaired more than 3 (three) months - today 12/16/2016 brought it from repair - and what you think? Again switches - clicks and peeps. I to tell the truth consider that this uniform mockery. For 8 months from the moment of purchase in April it  time - was 5 months under repair and changed nothing - besides it could to me all apartment . In the name of me and all my acquaintances you lost clients - besides I will not be too lazy and I will spread this information on the Internet. I already bought to it changeover - APC 2000 - here it is the device... And with you I will never communicate also to anybody your sadly peeping and clicking production I will not advise more...
Here I revenge them so to say...
But all that to me now with it to do? Who can faced the similar? Peeps and clicks, switching to batteries and it is reverse as with loading and generally without it. Silent mode removes a pressure, but clicks (loud enough) it is all the same audible a little... And as that  it to exploit - burns down still as for the first time...


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, to you not it was necessary to repair the UPS, and the electrical network to look (pressure overfalls). To click it should, at you the is linear-interactive UPS with AVR. Here AVR the relay also clicks at you. A sound signal most likely too from it, instead of from switching on batteries.
That you write without loading too clicks, once again confirms that problems in a network.
The first was SKP1500
Here the first also does not click for it AVR has no.
I too clicks (socomec) truth not so often, at the schedule look there it is visible that any excess or pressure reduction leads to actuating AVR.
It is possible to try to adjust a threshold of actuating AVR with what  utilities or through the circuit. Or to buy other UPS without function AVR.


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Problems in a network precisely are not present - measured - pressure stable. At me there where stood SPT200A now costs APC SMC2000I Smart-UPS a C 2000VA - it too interactive and he considers that the network is perfectly in order - houses of 5 more UPSes - I  is pleasant to all... When I researched possible problems with a network connected SPT2000 to a computer and looked that it shows on pressure - connected in the same socket a tester and in the adjacent socket of other UPS with the voltmeter. Both on a tester and on other UPS pressure was always strict 230 Volt, and software PowerCom showed during the switching moments on the battery that a deviation of pressure more than its threshold - I do not remember how many percent... And it showed a deviation both in smaller and in the big side. That Mahlo why I speak that it switches to batteries and is reverse - at it the UPS is two more indicators is when it raises or reduces pressure (the appropriate LED) lights up by operation from a network if pressure is accordingly reduced or raised - and so these indicators lit up in once from hundred cases of switching on batteries... That Mahlo - I still measured the second tester pressure which produces SPT2000 - so in here during the moment when at it increase of pressure that it lit up produced more than 240 volt - explicitly abnormally - in a network was strict 230
Adding from 12/19/2016 10:56:
By the way, just looked at specifications - and so: SKP1500 - too has AVR - and does not click in other room - sockets all in apartment on one line on one automatic machine, if that


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Look as required still at sockets, if the burned slightly contacts can lead to such effect. If as you write in the second post checked pressure and all  then it is possible all the same a problem from the UPS. I would carry to the friend to the acquaintance in any other place and looked as it at myself will conduct. If also, clearly, and here if it is normal to look that at you not so.


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Very similar on typical malfunction of the majority of the UPS - ring cracks in places of soldering of outputs of the relay. Can be also on connectors, jumpers It is, etc. treated by simple prosoldering of suspicious places.


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There were 2 repairs - the first - burned down batteries and my claims on  - the second -  - I do not know that changed besides batteries for the first time, but in the second time changed a board - service speaks that PowerCom takes away repaired UPSes to itself - type therefore such long period - well really at all of them boards not .... It seems to me that a problem in model.... I am afraid that even if to me it replace, there will be the same - alas, but 8 months of waiting of serviceability of the bought instrument already direct on such fatal thoughts smile
TO sfwest
At me all sockets ABB - . Qualitative - stuck this UPS in different sockets in different rooms - the result is identical - peeps - here to a companion did not carry - and heavy it a reptile...


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Well really at all of them of a board not 
It is a singularity  solder.
It seems to me that a problem in model.... I am afraid that even if to me it replace, there will be the same - alas It hardly...
Give to its expert who understands similar devices. Will be I pound more, than from such .


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Here to a companion did not carry - and heavy it a reptile...
If there will be a possibility make or as SEFER advises, am afraid that service as a matter of fact did not do anything, replaced batteries for the first time and gave, the second time could replace certainly a board and could and not change. I do not eliminate that fact that it worked for them therefore they of anything and did not do. When took away from service to you it included? It clicked at them?