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Good afternoon!
Search in a forum produced many subjects, but they either very old, or symptoms slightly others, or the decision and has not been found.
Used long time for a constant basis Logitech K310 keypad, but strangenesses for quite some time now started to happen.
At first it happened so:
1) the sound of switch-off and device connection is lost;
2) system does not react to input some seconds thus roll over the keys pushed at this moment;
3) further all works normally.
I downloaded UsbLogView and there learned that it is disconnected the keypad.
All it lasted 3-4 days and then for some time this glitch disappeared.
The day before yesterday the keypad  again. After point 2 in norm the mouse was returned only, and the keypad and remained .
No keys work. Num Lock on the keypad burns, but does not switch.
UsbLogView writes down switch-off and keypad connection as before.
On this keypad combination Fn+F12 withdraws the PC in a dream mode. And so in such state, at pushing of this combination of the PC leaves in a dream and there and then wakes up.
After reboot works, but too for the time being.
Before loading Windows the keypad works correctly. Under Linux I such glitch did not catch.
The keypad has been included in connector USB 3.0 which works from  the controler. In connector USB 2.0 and in a connector from other controler (VIA USB 3.0) a situation similar.
in that / other connector does not reanimate the keypad.
Exterior hard, flash cards and the mouse work normally thus.
Even if the computer not to use, all the same the keypad falls off sooner or later.
Tried to disconnect all USB devices except  - without results.
MT: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H
THE CPU: i7-2600
: Chieftec CTB-650S
Video: Geforce GTX960
The mouse: Logitech G400s
OS: Windows 7 64-bit with all updates
Acceleration is not present.
, the monitor,  an exterior hard  through voltage stabilizer Krauler PR-1500D.
The stabilizator, in turn, is included in the network filter. In the network filter it is still switched on  a router.
That is loading not reefficient neither on , nor on AVR, on the filter.
Conducting in apartment all copper.
Yesterday bought other keypad (Logitech K280e) - all the same.
Switch-off of USB-ports in power savings adjustments is ungeared.
PS/2 The keypad works normally.
Your assumptions, misters? smile


Re: Spontaneous switch-off USB of the keypad

Good you had a thought: the keypad of other vendor. Very similar on a driver error. It is possible still to try to deliver the driver for the "standard" keypad, instead of for Logitech.
Adding from 12/19/2016 19:53:
OS version completely write still. For example, Win7x64sp1


Re: Spontaneous switch-off USB of the keypad

From my point of view it looks like a supply more. Window leaves booted, loaded percents, storage and the videocard, went to crackle the screw and a supply on  gave. An individual lack of a construction.
At the worst it is possible to load any  with   and  on the Internet, whether   and to see falls off .


Re: Spontaneous switch-off USB of the keypad

The driver and so the standard costs. The version of windows inscribed smile


Re: Spontaneous switch-off USB of the keypad

At me GA-Z77-D3H rev.1.2 + i7 2600K. At desk lamp switching-on fall off and here join back   and  the mouse. Probably, the chipset is guilty? Or pair - a chipset with ? Configs are too similar. I on your place would try to span still a computer supply in any very given socket. Probably, in this from something exterior pressure gives or there are the strong low-frequency noises.