Topic: At a pad on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 time interval before loading steadily grows

At me pad Irbis TW89, is acquired in the spring of this year. In options of operating system Windows 8.1 the mode of fast start has been included. That is, at switching-on of the device time between appearance of logo Irbis and appearance of "wheel" of loading of system made 2-3 seconds for fast start and 5-6 seconds for normal (for example, at reboot). I, as any experimenter, after a while, having mastered, began to change systems (in the core, it there were different setup packages Windows 8.1 and Windows 10). But on a site of Irbisa there are flash card contents, downloading which and installing on a flash card, it is possible to return all in a factory type (sections are deleted, form new, are formatted as it is necessary, is copied the necessary information). For 15 minutes all is returned as from factory. Therefore, I always had ways to retreat. But after a while I noted that time between switching-on and the beginning of loading of OS started to increase. Now, for example, it makes about 15-20 seconds instead of 2-3 and tends to increase further. As I understood, it is not connected to OS, and connected to operation  a BIOS. At a forum 4PDA local children extremely did not recommend to climb in adjustments of a BIOS of the given pad as it is fraught "" or still with what muck. I am assured that this sort of troubles not at me one. Share, who can eat the decision, maybe? Yes, forgot to add. Booted, the pad works without problems so about damage and "contamination" of OS of speech does not go.


Re: At a pad on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 time interval before loading steadily grows

As a variant - the strong deterioration  storages.