Topic: ACER Predator 8 GT-810

Good afternoon;
Anywhere I do not see a separate branch or even a mention of the given product in what branch. Only on IXBT but in generally in a network. Not I unique who acquired? For regular 30 certainly to take not a variant. I on  took much cheaper.
Very disputable product. Batteries of hour on 2 active games suffice. Too insignificant autonomy for type of a game pad. It is heated it is excessive (clearly where all battery is spent - for heating of a back part of the case).
"Stereo"  is, of course, very quite good, but I do not know any other game except the preinstalled Asphalt 8 where they would valuably be supported. Someone found still what ?
Reboots it is not offered. Only to ungear a pad and to include. At me something as a result badly  became after shut-down after pair  usages. , through any time it is restarted, then the program (as happens after insertion update on Androide) is long loaded with optimization of all installed. Built in native  deleted all Cache. It seems to me after that the problem with start began, before there was all  with switching-on. It is necessary to drop adjustments to factory, yes here I am afraid, Asphalt with gift 320 local credits disappears after that. It would not be desirable...