Topic: Does not work network-manager in Debian 8.6

Hello. I master recently . And here there was such problem. In wasps debian 8.6 in de gnome 3 at connection adjustment through network manager all works normally. But in others de, to me are interesting xfce and cinnamon. Connection is not saved. That is it you add but it is not saved and in the list vpn it it is not visible. The system with the gnome and atop  was now put. The distribution kit initially with another de was put (with cinnamon, xfce, mate) the problem is saved. Works only in the gnome. The behavior is identical both by real machines and on the virtual. And yes, in the terminal to create connection there are no problems a problem at connection adding through network-manager in de distinct from the gnome. Wrote down video in which it is visible as that becomes. Here it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuyPfL7 … e=youtu.be . Prompt as to correct a situation?